Welcome to Universitas Perintis Indonesia

Universitas Perintis Indonesia (UPERTIS) established as joining of the first private College of Health Sciences in West Sumatra and the first private College of Pharmacy in Sumatra. Further, two new programs : Communication program and Digital Business program are joining UPERTIS in 2020.

Universitas Perintis Indonesia ready to answer the challenge of creating quality graduates, but to meet the challenges of a higher education institution.

"Without trust, without cooperation from all elements, both lecturers, education staff, students and local governments, we cannot pass all these challenges,"

Dr. Yendrizal Jafri, S.Kp, M.Biomed


To become a university that excellence in innovative science and technology and build  a strong and competitive character in ASEAN  2045


1. Organizing academic, professional and vocational education by mastering innovative science and technology, having an entrepreneurial spirit and having a strong character.

2. Conduct innovative research for the development of science and technology in order to increase the nation's competitiveness.

3. Conduct innovative science and technology-based community service for the welfare of the community.

4. Organizing effective and efficient governance in academic and non-academic management.

5. Collaborating with various domestic and foreign institutions in supporting the tri dharma of higher education.

Get to Know UPERTIS Closer

Universitas Perintis Indonesia (UPERTIS) has two campuses. Campus I is located in Padang and campus II is located in Bukitinggi. Campus I and II UPERTIS Located in a strategic location and easy to reach. The UPERTIS campus is known as the blue campus which stands on 3 hectares area.

Campus I –Padang

Jl. Adinegoro Simp. Kalumpang Lubuk Buaya, Padang, Sumatera Barat - Indonesia


(0751) 481992

(0751) 481962

Campus II –Bukittingi

Jl. Kusuma Bakhti Komp. Pemda II Gulai Bancah Bukittinggi, Sumatera Barat – Indonesia


(0752) 34613

Universitas Perintis Indonesia has 3 faculties and 12 study programs study, are;

Faculty of Health Sciences;

  • S-1 of Nutrition

  • D-3 of Nutrition

  • D-4 of Medical Technology Laboratory

  • D-3 of Medical Technology Laboratory

  • S-1 of Nursing

  • D-3 of Nursing

  • Nursing Profession

  • D-3 Midwifery

Faculty of Pharmacy;

  • S-1 of Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy Profession (Pharmacist)

Faculty of business economics and social sciences;

  • S-1 of Communication Science

  • S-1 of Business Digital

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